What do Project Runway and Paul Shaffer have in common?

I’ll give you one hint:

One word.   Two syllables.  Rhymes with Modsbell!

No, it’s not BobSmell.

It’s Godspell!

Next Thursday, February 16th is going to be one special day for Godspell on Broadway!

First up, we’re going to be featured on “Project Runway All Stars!”  Cool, right?

I actually hinted at this appearance this past summer in the blog on Day #85.  Of course, I had to sign about 142 confidentiality agreements, so I couldn’t tell you exactly what was up . . . but now I can! 

It’s going to be such a great episode, as the contestants compete for a chance to have one of their outfits featured in our production!  And Broadway’s own Sutton Foster is the guest judge!

So set your DVRs to see Godspell on “Project Runway All Stars” on Thursday, February 16th at 9 PM EST on Lifetime. 

I say set your DVR, because you’re going to want to be at our show on the 16th

That night, original Toronto Godspell Music Director and current MD of “The Late Show with David Letterman,” Paul Shaffer, will be making a cameo appearance in Godspell AND giving a talkback about his history with the show!   How fun is that!

I’m not going to tell you exactly what Paul will be doing in the show, but it’s going to be a blast.

And after, expect stories about how he got the Godspell gig, the day he met Stephen Schwartz, and anecdotes about working with the likes of Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Victor Garber, Andrea Martin, and the rest of that insanely talented Toronto Godspell crew. 

And the talkback will be hosted by your favorite satellite radio star, Julie James from Sirius/XM. 

Get your tickets for the Paul Shaffer appearance and talkback on February 16th here.

And remember, “Project Runway All Stars” on the same night at 9 PM.

(Oh, and keep your eyes peeled to this blog. . . . if you want read insider Godspell info, I’ve got something in store for you in the next week that you’re going to love.)


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