Welcome to Day By Day: The Producer’s Perspective!

This blog detailed the day-by-day insider’s account of producing my Broadway revival of Godspell, starting exactly 100 days before the very first performance.  (You can read all about the inspiration for the blog by clicking here.)

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Thanks for reading! 

Ken Davenport, Producer

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6 Responses to Welcome to Day By Day: The Producer’s Perspective!

  1. Jim McGrath says:

    BTW why isn’t there a link to ticket sales from the Stephen Schwartz pages? Wicked has a ticket sales link? Butts in the seats boss…butts in the seats…

  2. Kate Andrews says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, consider coming to Cincinnati sometime soon!!!!!!!!!! Have grown up with Godspell’s music and fell in love with the movie when I was very young. Share this love with my older brother (13 years my senior) and only fell in love with it, due to the support my parents had for musicals!!!!!!!!! Used All Good Gifts in my wedding for the Mom’s lighting of the candle! If I could swing it, I would be there to watch it, but traveling is difficult with three children, two of which are under 5. When you “take it on the road” please consider Cincinnati!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eric you says:

    my version of God Spell features Jesus as a school teacher . he has many students including robin a window shopper or valley girl type. Joan the ballet dancer in a dance class joining Mr J.C’s classroom. Lynne another student a nerdy girl. Romero a fashion obsessed guy. Jerry the cool kid also featured as a close student and friend despite his background and career. Gilmore the cheerleader girl. Jeff a surfer or skateboarder type. Katie the school’s lunch lady and close friend to the Christ figure. Lamar is the nerdy exchange student often gets bullied.

  4. Eric you says:

    Peg another cheerleader is always happy and has a smile on her face. Sonia another cheerleader is the popular girl and she is obsessed with her looks and trying to find new men to seduce. Herb another student is the drug addict loner type. Judas/John the Baptist is the Christ figure assistant teacher later he betrays Jesus and shoots him with a gun. other students include guest lecturers talking about Socrates, Leonardo, Edward Gibbon, Jean Paul Sartre, Martin Luther, Fredric Nietzsche, Buck Minister Fuller, Galileo, Jonathan Edwards, Marianne Williamson, and L Ron Hubbard. Mary Magdalene is a cheerleader and close friend of Sonia and she joins his class as well. Pilate is referenced as the governor . Caiaphas is given the name Joesph Kaisers the student council president and Anna is his secretary. Peter is another student often called the rock as his nickname real name is Devin Simon. another student also named Simon Zealot is from boy scouts like club helping others and he is also a student at Mr J.C’s class. King Herod Antipas is now placed with being a prime minister from a rich country now Harold Palestrina.

  5. Eric you says:

    other characters are special agent Roman Hunter he joins Mr. J.C’s class he works for the government under Pilate and Harold Palestrina of I C O N one is governor and the other prime minister Rome is replaced with the iron fist dictatorship the international confederation of nations banning any forms of religious,social, economic, political, and anything fun now wars and gangs now control the streets violence is everywhere people no longer have any choice in many decisions expect if they are members of ICON or part of the new religious movement combing Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Christianity is replaced by the New Believers in the Bible society minus any references of some new testament characters and locations. a blind cripple is also a student. another student from a jailhouse he is a prisoner who joins Mr.J.C’s class after being pardoned and someone pays his bail money.

  6. Eric you says:

    in another version that is modernized is Jesus Christ is now placed with a new persona as a doctor working at a hospital emergency room and the disciples are now orderlies, assistants, nurses, other doctors, and patients. John the baptist/Judas is now modernized as Dr.J.C’s friend and his supervisor at this clinic. the crucifixion is now placed with Jesus being taken by some sinister looking people wearing masks and uniforms.Judas betrays Jesus to some specialists to do surgery on him and he is near death and connected to life support later he dies and is sent to the morgue for burial . however sometime after he is alive again with no scars or injuries on him no sign of death or even sickness he was alive and he became the greatest physician in the history of humanity and becomes royalty as king of kings and lord of lords he is also now ruling the universe with his father god almighty.