The video of The Godspell Cast of 2032

Last night, the Godspell Cast of 2032 made their debut after the curtain call.
It was one of the most special things I’ve ever seen on a Broadway stage.  
It was filled with love and joy and fun.  It was so . . . well . . . Godspell.
Watch it below.  And spread it around.  Because everyone should have a little bit of these kids in their day.
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4 Responses to The video of The Godspell Cast of 2032

  1. Janet Miller says:

    This is adorable! LOVE IT!

  2. I was having a crummy day and then saw this ! Absolutely Wonderful !

  3. Marg Maurer says:

    …what a wonderful example of the love and spirit of Godspell shining thru these little sheep…once again we see that example is a great teacher…

  4. Irene Osborn says:

    Just wonderful!! I am weeping at my computer (since I finally had a moment to open
    the video). Thanks for sharing- what joy!!