Breaking News: Look who’s joining the cast of Godspell!

Big news, GodspellBlog readers!

When we cast Hunter Parrish in Godspell last summer, we all knew there was a chance he’d have to leave us a little early to rejoin his “Weeds” family.

And, well, that day is almost here.  Hunter Parrish’s last performance will be on Sunday, April 15th at 7:30 PM.  Or, to put it in GodspellBlog-ese . . . in 23 days.

We’ll miss Hunter like crazy . . . but we also couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome . . . drumroll please . . . 

Corbin Bleu!

Corbin was one of the stars of “High School Musical,” and he also had an incredible run as the lead in In The Heights on Broadway.  He’s a magnificent talent, and we’re thrilled that he’ll be joining us.  He came to see the show a few months ago, and, well, we’re happy it affected him the same way it has affected all of us and everyone that has come to see it.

Listen to what Stephen Schwartz had to say . . . “I know Corbin has a special affinity for Godspell, and with his great talent, charisma and radiant energy, I know he will be terrific in the show.  I am very much looking forward to working with him and seeing him as our new Jesus.”

As you can see, it’s going to be an exciting April.  

Come see Hunter Parrish now through April 15th.

And get tickets for Corbin starting April 17th. 

See you at the theater (and still wearing my red hat . . . although I had to get a new one because I wore the other one so much it would be kinda gross if I didn’t).


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Introducing Godspell Commentary with Stephen Schwartz and Danny Goldstein

Ok, Godspell fans, if you enjoyed getting a behind the scenes look at the making of Godspell on this blog, then you are going to love this . . .

Ever watch DVD commentaries?  You know, when you hear the director or writer talk about your favorite movie or TV show as you watch, so you can hear the inside scoop on how it came together?

Well, guess what . . . we did that for Godspell!

A few weeks ago, Stephen Schwartz and Danny Goldstein watched a performance of Godspell and we recorded their thoughts as they watched.  And now it’s available online!

You can hear all sorts of secrets about Godspell, including how Stephen wrote the music, where Danny got ideas for parables, and how the show influenced Pippin.

I already knew a lot of these stories, and I found the commentary fascinating!  And this is the first time this has ever been done for a Broadway show . . . and we did it on Godspell!

Check out Episode 1 of the commentary here.  And make sure you sign up so you can be the first to know when the next episode goes live.  


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What do Project Runway and Paul Shaffer have in common?

I’ll give you one hint:

One word.   Two syllables.  Rhymes with Modsbell!

No, it’s not BobSmell.

It’s Godspell!

Next Thursday, February 16th is going to be one special day for Godspell on Broadway!

First up, we’re going to be featured on “Project Runway All Stars!”  Cool, right?

I actually hinted at this appearance this past summer in the blog on Day #85.  Of course, I had to sign about 142 confidentiality agreements, so I couldn’t tell you exactly what was up . . . but now I can! 

It’s going to be such a great episode, as the contestants compete for a chance to have one of their outfits featured in our production!  And Broadway’s own Sutton Foster is the guest judge!

So set your DVRs to see Godspell on “Project Runway All Stars” on Thursday, February 16th at 9 PM EST on Lifetime. 

I say set your DVR, because you’re going to want to be at our show on the 16th

That night, original Toronto Godspell Music Director and current MD of “The Late Show with David Letterman,” Paul Shaffer, will be making a cameo appearance in Godspell AND giving a talkback about his history with the show!   How fun is that!

I’m not going to tell you exactly what Paul will be doing in the show, but it’s going to be a blast.

And after, expect stories about how he got the Godspell gig, the day he met Stephen Schwartz, and anecdotes about working with the likes of Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Victor Garber, Andrea Martin, and the rest of that insanely talented Toronto Godspell crew. 

And the talkback will be hosted by your favorite satellite radio star, Julie James from Sirius/XM. 

Get your tickets for the Paul Shaffer appearance and talkback on February 16th here.

And remember, “Project Runway All Stars” on the same night at 9 PM.

(Oh, and keep your eyes peeled to this blog. . . . if you want read insider Godspell info, I’ve got something in store for you in the next week that you’re going to love.)


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Meet your favorite Godspell cast members at our talkbacks and CD signing.

Hey Godspellians!

Happy 1st Godspell blog of 2012!  Is everyone having a great new year?  Did you get “All Good Gifts” this holiday?  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.  And I’m writing this very late at night, so prepare ye for some more puns soon.)

Listen, I’ve been working on/off Broadway for twenty years now, and I can objectively say, I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a cast as talented as my 14 Godspell cast members.  Seriously.  These 10 stars, plus their 4 “wunderstudies,” are just awesome.  I knew it when I first saw them in the audition room, and they certainly wowed us all on opening night, but to watch how they have grown and changed and made these characters and roles even more unique and interesting over the past 3 months has been like a lesson in how to be a Broadway star.  

I promise you, one day you will all be saying, “And remember when we saw INSERT ANY ONE’S NAME HERE in Godspell?  And look where they are now!”

Because they are all such phenomenal talents, I wanted to give audiences a chance to get up close and personal with each one individually . . . which is why, over the next 11 weeks, we’re hosting TUESDAY NIGHT TALKBACKS with a different cast member each night.

The talkback series starts tonight, with Lindsay “Bless The Lord That Girl Can Sing” Mendez.  Lindsay will tell all about her Godspell audition experience, how the heck she learned to sing like that, and also why she never learned Spanish (uh-oh, I’m in trouble for that one).

I’m also thrilled to say that our talkbacks will be hosted by the incomparable Julie James from SiriusXM Radio.  

To see a complete list of when each actor will be “talking back” after the show, click here. Oh, and, for those superfans out there that want to go to every single talkback, email me. I’ll give you an unadvertised special deal to make sure you get in.  Otherwise, get tickets here.

And if that wasn’t enough, on Tuesday, January 31st (yep, another Tuesday), we’re having a CD signing to announce the release of the recording at Barnes and Noble at 150 East 86th St., here in the city.  Stephen Schwartz will be there, and you’ll hear some live performances, including Hunter doing his beautiful “Beautiful City” (Have you seen this video?)

Hope to see you there!

Oh, and stay tuned, we’ve got a few cool things coming up that I know you’ll love.  


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ALERT: Godspell Cast Recording now available!

Hey Godspell Blog readers!

Guess what I am doing right now?  I’m listening to the Godspell Cast Recording as I type!  (Anna Maria’s “Day By Day” is on . . . so guess what song I’ll be singing for the rest of the day . . . by day . . . by you know what!)

The whole album is awesome . . . from Wallace’s “Prepare Ye” to Lindsay’s “Bless The Lord” to Telly’s “All Good Gifts” and every incredible tune in between, this album is a must for any fan of our production . . . and any fan of Godspell.

You can download it on iTunes here.  It makes a great holiday gift!  Oh, and stay tuned . . . we’ve got a music video for Hunter Parrish’s breathtaking “Beautiful City” that we’re going to release very, very soon.  And you are the first to know that it even exists!

Get the Cast Recording.  Watch for the video.  And I’ll see you at the theater . . . still wearing my red hat.

(BTW, check out our holiday schedule next week . . . we have a matinee and an evening performance on Christmas Day (I mean, how could we not?) AND we’re one of the very few shows on Broadway that has a performance on New Year’s Eve!  Ring in 2012 with us!  Get tix here!)

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DVR Alert: Godspell is on The View and Rosie!

Hey Godspell fans, just a quick note to let you know that we’re going to be on TV not once, but twice in the next few weeks.

This Thursday, December 1 at 11a EST (10a PT/C), we’ll be on “The View”!

And then, on Monday, the hardest working cast and band on Broadway will take their one day off of the week and fly in and out of Chicago on the same day to record an appearance on Rosie O’Donnell’s brand new talk show.

So that’s this Thursday (tomorrow) at 11am EST on ABC for “The View,” and “The Rosie Show” recording on Monday, to air later this month.

(I won’t be in Chicago, unfortunately, because I am going to Las Vegas, along with my Group Sales Director Jody Bell, aka “The Broadway Bell,” and understudy Julia Mattison, for the the National Tour Association conference.  We’ll be spreading the word to tour operators from all over the world!)

See you at the theater!  (I’m still wearing that red hat if you come and want to say hi!)

Oh, and if you’re looking for a great holiday gift . . . go with a Godspell gift card.  Email me for details.

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Introducing the first ever Broadway Parallax Website

Hello Godspell Blog readers!

For those of you who read my other blog,, you know I’m a big believer in making sure that the Broadway industry, which is so often decades behind traditional big business, keep pace with modern technology and marketing initiatives.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the debut of Godspell‘s brand new website at

Inspired by one of my People of Godspell, Scott McDowell, and his company, our new site is the first ever use of Parallax web design for a Broadway show!

Check it out!  Click here. And then scroll, or move your mouse wheel, or drag your fingers left or right.  You’ll see . . .

Oh, and get this . . . the site was just nominated for design award!   Click here to vote for it.  Let’s let the web world know that you don’t have to be a tech company to compete in the tech world.

More from me soon . . . including info on appearances on “The View,” “Rosie,” and the release of our cast album!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Click here to vote for on!

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A belated opening night gift from the Wall Street Journal.

I know I sent you a list of the reviews from Godspell earlier this week, but this morning I woke up to a wonderful notice from “Tough Terry” Teachout at the Wall Street Journal that I had to share!  He said that Godspell “deserves to run forever.”  I agree, Terry, I agree.  :-)

Read the rave here.

Read the Godspell Reviews here.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, get Godspell tickets here.  Or save money when you bring a group of 10 or more.  Learn more at our Godspell Groups page.

And when you come see Godspell, look for me.  I’m still roaming around that lobby in my red Godspell hat.

Cast album footage and more coming on Tuesday.  Stay tuned!

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Godspell opened on Broadway!

Forgive me for not getting this blog up yesterday, but it took me a day to recover from the fantastic opening night performance and celebration we had for Godspell on Monday night.

Our incredible cast blew the roof off of Circle in the Square on Monday to an audience that included everyone from Kevin Jonas, Mary Louise Parker, and Angela Bassett, to our Godspell alums Victor Garber, Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Paul Shaffer, Andrea Martin and so many more, as well as all of the friends and family of the company.

It was something special.  I just wish you all could have been there, since you all were a part of this incredible journey.

To see some of the photos from our opening night, click here.  And we shot a video at our party as well which we’ve posted below!

And to see some of the great quotes we got from the critics, click here!


Oh, and you haven’t seen/read the last of me. Stay tuned for an insider’s look at our cast album that we’re recording next Monday!

Until then, I’ll see you at Circle in the Square!

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TV ALERT: Godspell on Letterman tonight!

Hello GodspellBlog Readers!  Me again.

No Godspell Kleenex this time, but I do have some big news.

We’re going to be on “The Late Show with David Letterman” TONIGHT!  We’ve got a mini-medley ready for you and the four million other viewers that looks and sounds awesome (I am typing this from rehearsals at the Ed Sullivan Theatre right now).

So tune in tonight at 11:35 EST or set your GVRs (Godspell Video Recorders).

Ok, gotta go. Paul Shaffer just came in and I have to say hello and thanks. He was the original Godspell MD in Toronto and is coming to our Opening Night in . . . 6 days!

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