Oh GodspellBlog, I wish I could quit you.

Hey guys . . . I just couldn’t stay away. Plus, some cool stuff has been happening, and I wanted to keep you in the G-loop.

In addition to the electric audience reaction we’ve been getting at the theater since we started performances on Thursday night, we’ve been having some fun outside the theater as well. Today, right before Preview #3 (and also right before the Occupy Times Square protest), we had a Godspell Flash Mob in Times Square.

Check it out below.

What’s cool is that a flash mob is actually what Godspell is about – a group of people who don’t know each other coming together . . . and spreading joy and having fun.

Off to see Preview #4 in a few minutes. Hope to see you there (I’m still wearing the red hat so you can find me, so you best say hello when you come!). Need tickets? Click here.

Email subscribers, if you can’t see the video, click here.

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6 Responses to Oh GodspellBlog, I wish I could quit you.

  1. George Domenick says:

    This was a very emotional video for me. There is such purity in the message and we need this message so urgently RIGHT NOW! Perhaps because I had the privilege to be part of a Godspell cast it has special meaning. Anyway, fabulous use of Times Square and great marketing. Hope to see the show in a week or so. will look for you and your Red Hat!

    Warm regards,

  2. Cat says:

    An honest question – how do you think this sells tickets to your show? Isn’t the ultimate goal overall to sell tickets? Yes, awareness is very important, but in the end, how do you see a publicity stunt like this selling tickets? Where you flyering in the area directing people to your theatres were you giving out a discount? How did this help you sell tickets?

    • Suellen Vance says:

      How does this sell tickets? Because it’s just plain ole joyful fun and times like now, people are aching to have fun. By bringing this kind of energy into an open space like Times Square, it reminds folks of the feel good factor of the music and the spirit of the piece and that’s something people will want to be a part of every time.

  3. Ryan says:

    Cat, you need to analyze this “stunt” on both a micro and macro level. The flashmob perhaps sold tickets to tourists hanging around Time Square and in the mood to see a Broadway show. With so many options on Broadway, the flashmob provided Godspell with a distinguishing factor that may have been motivation for people to purchase tickets (as opposed to purchasing tickets to a different Broadway production). However on a macro level, you’d hope a video likes this goes “viral”. And that’s marketing you can’t buy. Few people will run out to buy tickets directly after watching on YouTube. But next time they’re in the market to attend a Broadway show, Godspell will stick out.

  4. There are always ways to get discounted tickets to theater. Check for rush and lottery options, have your kids get the two-for-one discount slips at their school, and/or try TKTS.

  5. I agree. Seeing the cameraman track the performer from the start throws it into simply a public performance, not a flash mob (and was tacky to me, so I couldn’t watch too much of it). That being said, it’s still a neat idea to let unsuspecting passersby get to enjoy the energy and choreography of the show!