Audition Alert: The Search for the Godspell Cast of 2032.

Prepare ye for cuteness.

Godspell has always had a tradition of launching the next generation of stars.  People like Victor Garber, Jeremy Irons, Martin Short, Jennifer Lopez, and so on all got their start in Godspell.

And God(spell) knows that if you’ve seen our revival, then you know each one of our ten stars has a super bright future ahead of them. 

So I thought, what if we could get a glimpse of the next generation of stars?

And that’s why we’re holding auditions for kids ages 6 – 16 for . . . the Godspell Cast of 2032!

On April 24th, we’ll pick 10 kids to portray all the characters in Godspell, and then, over the next week, we’ll rehearse them . . . in preparation for a one night only performance on our Broadway stage right after the curtain call on Tuesday, May 22nd.  

It’s going to be awesome.

Click here for more information and spread the word!  Hope to see you or your kids at the audition! 

And then, wouldn’t it be just awesome if we ran long enough so that one of them could actually be in the show???  :-)

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4 Responses to Audition Alert: The Search for the Godspell Cast of 2032.

  1. queerbec says:

    What an ingenious promotion! Hope you get lots of press, blog, internet, TV, twitter, youtube, pinterest, vimeo, and proud parent/grandparent word of mouth coverage!

  2. Antonette says:

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