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My name is Ken Davenport, and I am the Producer of the first ever Broadway revival of Godspell. (To read more about me, click here.)

I’ve been writing a blog about Broadway producing for almost four years called The Producer’s Perspective. One of the biggest requests I get on the blog is for a more inside view on the day to day of what a Producer does.

So I created this spinoff blog to give Godspell fans, producing fans, and Broadway fans the first-ever inside perspective on what it’s like to produce a show.

As I write this, we are exactly 100 days away from the first preview of Godspell on Broadway on October 13th (Get your tickets here). For the next 100 days, I’ll post an entry a day about something I had to deal with that day. Maybe it’ll be what was discussed at an ad meeting, how many people showed up at the open call, the first time I saw some costume sketches, etc. There will be lots of pictures, video, and maybe even some guest blogs from some of the Godspell team along the way.

It’ll be like you’re e-sitting on my shoulder as together we produce the first ever Broadway revival of Godspell. (Tickets available here.)

So thanks for tuning in! I hope you enjoy the blog and the show.

Did I tell you that you can get tickets here? :-)


Ken Davenport

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8 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Very excited to be a part of the “community”!

  2. Carolyn Hansen says:

    I first saw Godspell at Ford Theatre in D.C. in the summer of ’72, right before I spent 14 months in the Philippines. Saw it again my senior year at The Ohio State University at Mershon auditorium. Still have the original album and still remember Day by Day and Prepare Ye!!!! Will have to ressurect it! Wish this had been playing in March when I was in NYC with my son’s HS Choir. Now he’ll be a music major at Eastern Illinois. I want to win the opening night tickets!!!!

    He and I are also WICKED proud (him two times, me 6, going for #7 at Peoria).

  3. I’m so pleased that “Godspell”is returning.I first saw it many years ago at the Westport Country Playhouse,and although I am a Buddhist,it remains my favorite musical of all times.I wish you good luck.

  4. I am so happy to find out that you are putting on the revival of GODSPELL. It just so happens that I have the original painting of Marilyn Monroe ( size 30X40) that was used on stage at the original show of Godspell in 1972. It is in the style of Andy Warhol whom I also photographed. It would be my pleasure to have you see it.

  5. Caroline Murray says:

    Dear Ken,
    A friend of mine has a blog that is primarily dedicated to writing about her daughters, one of whom is autistic. I challenge you to read the entry below and not be moved and to not see Godspell in a whole new light. I hope that you will share this with the cast and crew. (And yes, the family has their tickets and have booked their hotel for their trip to NYC to see the show).


  6. Debbie von Ahrens says:

    Break a leg- wishing you and all involved a wonderfully successful run!

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