91 Days ’til Godspell: Picking a promotional product.

All shows need “swag,” or promotional items featuring your show’s logo/message that can be used at trade shows, in gift bags, for partners, etc.  I’m talking custom imprinted pens, t-shirts, mints, flashlights, etc.

We made our first piece of swag almost a year ago when we started promoting Godspell at group sales conventions (groups book in advance, so you have to start letting them know you’re going to be around as early as possible – even though we didn’t even have an opening date!).  My motto has always been that the best promo items are not only what a person will see everyday, but what they will use everyday (custom post-it pads, nail files, lip balm, etc.).  You want that logo of yours to be in constant ‘need’.

So we made the “Day By Day” calendar (are you sensing a trend?) that you see in this picture.  Fun, right?   Well, the fun continues when you press the button on the calendar, because it actually plays “Day By Day.”  :-)

We gave these calendars to tour operators, group sales agents, and other VIP partners (as well as a number of The People Of Godspell at our first meet and greet).

We love our calendars, but we also need a 2nd and maybe even a 3rd item that we can produce at a lower cost.  We tossed around a ton of ideas at a brainstorming meeting today . . . but we didn’t settle on one as of yet.  Maybe you have some ideas?  What promo items do you like that you actually use?  We do know that we’re going to need a lot, because we’ve got a ton of industry events, trade shows, street fairs and more coming up over the next . . . 91 days.

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27 Responses to 91 Days ’til Godspell: Picking a promotional product.

  1. Stephen Skrypec says:

    I found some great USB flash drive wristbands that you can customise with a logo. You could even pre load rehearsal pictures/videos (once they start) onto the flash drive and when the production opens add production photos.

  2. What about a black Godspell Messenger bag with the logo on the flap? You can jazz it up a little by having the titles of the songs in white as a border around the cover and the logo in the center. Also, patches with the logo may be nice, but I don’t know how much those would cost.
    P.S. Keep handing out the buttons. =]

  3. Humberto says:

    On the affordable side: a cosmetics bag; a coffee mug; a pad for computer mouse.

  4. Jani Bedrick says:

    You can’t go wrong with visor caps, as both males and females wear them, and they are inexpensive to have made.
    They would have the Logo and words “Godspell on Broadway”

  5. Shephard says:

    I love Stephen’s idea… USB flashdrives… maybe in addition or instead of wristbands, they could be the kind that go on a keyring/keychain… a Godspell keychain. The best USB flashdrives are the keychain ones, they go with you whenever you leave the house with your keys. :)

  6. Nancy Paris says:

    I go with the flash drive too, but we had them made as a business card, about the size of a credit card. It is printed on both sides, one side with the “Ballroom Rocks” show name and the other side with company name and contact info. People like them and they look very cool.

  7. Miller says:

    My most used pieces of swag I have are Jersey Boys and Billy Elliot flash drives, show pens, and pads of paper. But the piece of merch I will definitely BUY at a show is something that actually has resonance with the themes of or items in the show – a MARY POPPINS umbrella, WICKED’s green elixir water bottle, the WICKED “careful dear we musn’t get wet” umbrella, etc.

  8. Sam Street says:

    What about a “green” shopping bag with the logo on it. People can use it just to tote things around in the city or pack up for the beach or use it to actually run to the store and not use “Paper or Plastic” – Go Green Godspell!

  9. Fred Tacon says:

    I love Sam Street’s idea about the reusable shopping bags. Very visible, practical, and environmentally conscious. You could use the tag line, “How would Jesus shop?” :- > I also like water bottles as an option. Maybe a case or slip cover for a smart phone, iPod, or iPad. Soft-sided lunchbox/cooler. There are lots of Dog owners in the city… Maybe a dog leash or some other dog paraphernalia? Free roaming advertisement when someone is out walking their dog or in a park. Best of luck!!!

  10. Greg Faust says:

    No question about it…pads of paper. I still have several pads I use almost daily from the most recent production of A Chorus Line. Not only does it keep the name of the show in front of my face, but all the people who I send notes to.

  11. Rich says:

    I have found very useful both credit-card size (or key chain) LED flashlights and
    solar calculators. They’ve come down in price considerably, and who knows? In addition to your logo on the outside it may be possible to have them manufactured with an embedded chip playing “Day By Day”. Point is, people carry them around on their persons, in wallets or on key chains, such that it is a constant reminder of the play.

  12. Kristi R-C says:

    To add to the “day by day” theme… a pocket-sized datebook.

    Best SWAG I’ve ever gotten was the LED lighter-shaped flashligght I got when I entered “Rock of Ages” – it fit the show, was used by everyone in the theatre for the bows, and I still carry it almost two years later. Have used it a bunch of times – showed it to other folks backstage – and it was included in the price of the ticket.

  13. Heather Reynolds says:

    Pens and pads of paper get the most use from me. Post its are up there as well. As far as the ever popular mouse pad goes, I might be alone in saying that I’m almost constantly on a smart phone or laptop for computer uses, and I don’t use an external mouse apart from occasional drafting, so the pen and paper would get more mileage. Flashlights are also a good one.

  14. Kaylie Stansfield says:

    My iphone is the only item of clothing I wear every day. Give me an iphone cover and I’ll have the perfect 24/7 outfit for everyone to see.

  15. Scot T. Kokandy says:

    Pen….but everyone leaves those in places they never remember….however I have noticed EVERYONE with water bottles….not me but practically everyone I know…or coffee mug…a Cup A ‘Day by Day’

  16. Cody B. says:

    There is a company that makes “5 minute candles”. You get 10 candles in a little matchbook. You could come up with a custom packaging that surrounded the candles, on one side with the Godspell logo and website and the other side with a reference to “Light of the World”.

  17. NineDaves says:

    i’m a big fan of merchandise that references the show’s songs (which is why i thought the “DAY BY DAY” calendar was so great). so a tote bag with “ALL FOR THE BEST” on it. or a day planner with “PREPARE YE” on it. or an address book with “SAVE THE PEOPLE” on it. how ’bout a “BY MY SIDE” photo album?. or a “LIGHT OF THE WORLD” flashlight. i also love @Kaylie Stansfield’s suggestion for an iphone cover. totally agree.

    then again, maybe most of that stuff is merchandise you’d want to sell, not necessarily promotional merchandise. so i’d echo the promotional flash drives with pictures of the cast and maybe a song or two.

  18. Suzana Ilievska says:

    Well…as we are mostly poor here…theatres hardly manage to make anything…
    just…i had some more experience about all…and was about to start to name things you didnt mention here above including comments…but then…if i see you are not about to make many of those things…it will be 2 or 3 more…so it must be smthng close to the point…erhm…
    come on Ken its Broadway…you have to find smthng exclusive…:))

    ok my brain worked this way now…
    a baby flower…maybe olive tree…lol…you cant print the flower but the flowerpot…and… they will have to take care of the flower each day…:)
    then…a perfume…(make some sponsorship for example)..small ones..like the tester packages……Godspell sounds good on a perfume…:)
    then…again chances for sponsorship..a wine…small bottles…/with did once with champagne…people used to keep them as rare…./
    oh yes a pillow…cozy small pillow….

    etc etc etc….
    well thats it for now..i should better stop…
    wrote 30 before i came to these ones..lol:)

    • Katherine says:

      Wow, I think you will be a great OB. It seems like you have a real love for children, faeimils, and people in general. Sad to say that those qualities are rare traits in todays world. I believe not just anyone should be in just any job because you could be in a job that you hate and end up making everyone who comes in contact with you at work miserable. You have the joy and care to be great at your job and effect those you will be working around not only by your knowledge , but by your love for what you do.

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  20. Mark Hogarth says:

    A lapel-pin please. I have been collecting them for years. Thank you :-)

  21. Fortune cookies with lyrics and lines from the show instead of fortunes. Maybe they are Fortunate Cookies?

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  23. trudy tebelak williams says:

    I am getting a tattoo….the weather is warm and so I will have several months to show it off and generate interest and conversation about the show.

  24. zakeragrewal says:

    Hey! Thnx for this i was searching for dis So long , Thnx a Tonn Promotional Visors

  25. Cathie A says:

    Loved the iphone case, too bad I don’t have an iphone! [Wonder if it would fit over my Passport external hard drive!?]
    Last weekend the kids came home from another Van’s multi-band concert, with a whole armload of those black thick wristband-bracelets with the name of the band[s] or record label.
    How bout putting the Gospell logo with a tag line and website on them….
    At the open audition, we were very envious of the lapel pin are they avail yet?

  26. Charise Beckett says:

    Get the iPhone covers already. I know they are expensive to make, but trust me when you re-read the above thread. They will sell like hotcakes. Order a bunch and the cost is less. :) )))